sea salt caramel salt water taffy

sea salt caramel salt water taffy

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we were blown away the first time we tested this recipe. it was super cool to see how such a simple recipe (only 5 ingredients) could create such a complex tasting taffy. to flavor the candy we caramelize sugar till its nice and dark and just starting to smoke then we add it to our base. this amazing concoction adds notes of dark coffee & hints of burnt sugar. the candy is a balance of bitter, sweet, salty and chewy with pops of crunch from the sea salt! you will be addicted!

ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, evaporated milk, palm fruit oil, sea salt, soy lecithin. there is no gluten in any of the ingredients but please be aware we do not keep a gluten free kitchen.


each box weighs 3.5 oz.

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