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pretty packages

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45 Creative Gift-Wrapping Projects

By Sally J Shim, Photographs by Madelene Farin

With just a few simple steps, blogger Sally J Shim shows readers how to turn an ordinary package into a customized present as special as the gift within. From a stitched garland topper and watercolor wrapping paper to a confetti gift tag, each of the 45 creative and achievable projects offers a unique twist on gift wrapping. Plus, each project has multiple variations, leading to endless possibilities for prettying up packages. Including techniques for wrapping oddly shaped packages, ideas for creating reusable packaging (a bonus gift for the recipient!), and projects that require only basic materials, Pretty Packages will inspire gift givers as well as Etsy shop owners to make every element of their package special.

8 x 8 in; 128 pp;


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