i can't wait to cancel this planner

i can't wait to cancel this planner

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For the anxiously over-scheduled homebody and introvert in all of us, an undated monthly (un)planner featuring a dozen never-been-seen-before cartoons from the delightfully unconventional Beth Evans.

Beth Evans’ disarming wit and inviting cartoons have helped fans manage their own expectations and the expectations of others, and encouraged them to be gentle with themselves if (and inevitably when) they fall short. Now, the wise and understanding artist is back to cheer us on every day with this undated week-at-a-glance diary. This planner isn’t like other yearly datebooks. It’s an anti-planner,  a place everyone can use to keep track of plans and goals, and to recalibrate if everything isn’t done exactly on schedule. 

  • Includes 12 month sections that can be started anytime just circle the appropriate month listed at the top of the section page
  • Each page is illustrated with a never-been-seen-before cartoon
  • Includes 4 week-long spreads broken down into 7 day slots.
  • Features a portfolio pocket on the inside back cover, and an elastic closure.

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