the new homemade kitchen cookbook

the new homemade kitchen cookbook

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This is a cookbook of 250 recipes and methods covering a wide range of do-it-yourself food-crafting projects from the Institute of Domestic Technology, a culinary school founded in 2012 that mirrors and supports Los Angeles’s growing food scene. The book is based on the school’s curriculum, with each chapter hailing from a different department, including Pantry, Caffeine, Pickles, Grains, Dairy, Meat & Fish, Spirits, Fermentation, and Dehydration.

The chapters include instructions on how to make your own food products and pantry staples, as well as recipes highlighting those very ingredients – for example, learn how to make your own feta and then bake it into a Greek Phyllo Pie, or dehydrate leftover produce and use it in homemade instant soup mixes. Also included are fun features, such as food-crafting charts, historical tidbits, 100+ photos and illustrations, how-tos, and sidebars featuring experts and Deans from the Institute, including LA-based cheese-makers, coffee roasters, butchers, and more.

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages