inky octopus notebook set

inky octopus notebook set

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If a Giant Pacific Octopus had a massive fountain pen, we’re pretty certain it would make its own ink (because that’s one of like 8 million amazing things octopus can do), grab the pen with 4 of its 8 arms, and draw a star. Why? Because octopus are fabulous, that’s why.

With this gold-foil notebook duo, we think you’ll be pretty fabulous, too! Oh and for the super ocean nerds out there, guess what? That fountain pen is ACTUALLY a sea pen, which is a real animal belonging to the order Pennatulacea. Nature. Is. AWESOME!

  • 6" x 8.5"
  • Set of 2 notebooks
  • 64 blank pages
  • Sewn, lay-flat binding