coconut oil serum eye patch

coconut oil serum eye patch

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Coconut oil serum eye patch is a 2-piece eye hydro-gel mask which is formulated with coconut water, coconut oil, and other brightening and anti-aging ingredients to reduce the look of dark circles and wrinkles with ease.

A set of hydro-gel eye patch packed with hydration and coconut oil barrier protecting ingredients formulated to prevent dryness. This jelly-textured hydro-gel patch holds 100,000ppm of Brazilian coconut water leaving your under eye area saying "ahhh".

Formulated with highly active ingredients, such as niacin-amide and adenosine, it brightens and reduces the look of wrinkles around the under eye area immediately. Nutrients from sea buck-thorn extract and energizing açaí palm extract deliver vitality to dull-looking eyes for an instant pick me up.