"Selecting a chic, personal gift requires the same care and attention we put into our outfits. East Village shop Pink Olive is dedicated to this delicate art of gifting. At the warmly lit Ninth Street shop, owner Grace Kang presents a meticulous selection of clothes, bath products, paper goods and toys for young ones, all marked by a classic, feminine sensibility. With a focus on unique and creative items, Kang's mission is to pamper customers both growing up and already grown. Pop Art blankets, modern plush animals, gift books and special cards celebrate new babes and their mamas. Sweet vases and retro cookbooks make playful gifts for the home, while a glass case with scissor-pendant and airplane-motif necklaces from whimsical designer Erica Weiner and Kenneth Jay Lane enamel cuffs present..."

“As a publicity + marketing coach, I love delighting my clients with special and unexpected surprises. Naturally, I almost fell off my chair when my favorite gift shop – Pink Olive – started offering a VIP Concierge Gift Service. When I’m in need of spirited gifts to make my clients smile, I simply email the Pink Olive gift experts and within one day they’ve picked out an incredible gift and shipped if off while I can sit back and do what I do best – help my clients get more visibility and sales. My clients are always completely over the moon with giddiness after they receive their special gift. I highly recommend this service for any entrepreneur looking to add a special touch to their business. “ ~ Melissa Cassera

Publicity Expert


I have sent multiple beautiful gift baskets to new mothers through Grace and the items she chose were individualized and special. Each recipient loved the thoughtfulness of each item in the baskets, and I could not have done it without Grace's help! I look forward to doing some more shopping at Pink Olive in the future.


kingdon capital

new york, ny

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with my purchase, I received it in Nova Scotia Canada in about 3 days and it was nicely packaged with some tissue paper and the added little hand written note was a very nice personalized touch. I am very happy with the level of service and my purchase, I will definitely be purchasing more items in the near future. Thank you!!

Chanel Berube


I love the teal bird! That would be great. Thank you so much for the notification (and easy fix). LOVE you guys! When I had my 4th baby (18 mos ago), my husband's business partner sent me a goody box full of gifts from you guys. It made my day. Since then, any time a friend has a baby, I go straight to your site (though, I wish I could buy a whole box full of stuff each time!). Keep up the great work. Your products are adorable and your customer service is out of this world.

Kim Beck

I'm like a walking advertisement for Pink Olive. Seriously get about 5 compliments a day on the necklace and am telling everyone about your store. From execs at Vera Wang to waitresses, friends, models, etc..Hopefully people end up stopping in!


Pink Olive is a fun and creative way to shop. The prices are a little more, but you get good quality that makes the recipient feel special - so it's worth it! 3/15/11

After my son was born I bought a few prints (those gorgeous animal ones by a local Bklyn artist) for our new house. I hung them up in his room and he loves them! Cheers, Maya 3/15/11

Went to the East Village store and had a wonderful shopping experience. The sales associate was very helpful. 3/15/11

Every time I give a gift from Pink Olive, I always hear the most amazing compliments from the recipient. My little neighbor was obsessed with her ice cream bubbles and my friend was ecstatic over her coffee mint soap and piece from Rae Dunn. I also get tons of compliments on my cards, which I always buy from Pink Olive. Great store - great selection! 3/15/11

it's such a beautiful store, i love being there, looking at the eclectic, lovely assortment of gifts. 3/15/11

I love your store!! 3/15/11

All of the times that I walked into the Brooklyn store and received excellent customer service from the owner. 3/15/11

I absolutely love your shop- it's very cutesy, with stuff you cannot see elsewhere. The first time I came in, I found some unique antique items & I love them! 3/15/11

The store always has great stuff in it and the staff is always friendly and helpful. One time I was in a bit of a rush to get a gift purchased at pink olive as well as a personal bought item wrapped and ready to go before leaving the store and the cashier was more than happy and kind to help. She wrapped both things beautifully and eased my mind of having to go to dreadful Duane Read and getting an ordinary gift bag!! <3 Pink olive =) 3/15/11

I purchased one of your woven globe rattles to benefit education in rural areas to give to my brother and sister in law this Christmas, for the baby boy they're expecting in June. It was an incredibly special gift to buy, and for them to receive. I love your store :) Wishing you all the best! 3/15/11

Adopting my sock monkey! :) The awesome service! The surprise of new items every time I shop! ...EVERYTHING! 3/15/11

I've shopped with you once for a gift for my ex, and I have very fond memories of the shopping experience. The team that was there were friendly without being pushy or intrusive. It might have been the perfect shopping experience. 3/15/11

I'm really new to Pink Olive, but I remember falling in love with the blabla knitted dolls. I bought 2 for a new niece and nephew. 3/15/11

My favorite thing about your store is the assortment of adorable items. They're great for gifts, but when I come in to look for a gift I always find myself wanting for myself! 3/15/11

I have been to your store twice, both times to buy gifts. This is something I'm not very good at. What I appreciated most was that you listened to me and suggested ideas that were right for me. 3/15/11

When I met the owner while I was shopping. She was very nice and helpful. She wrapped a present that I had bought for my friend so beautifully. 3/15/11

just discovering the store was a delight :) 3/15/11

I absolutely adore the Sock Monkeys you sell at your Park Slope location and the added perk that some of the money goes to charity. My daugher is now 2 and I've been buying them for her since she was born. My favorite Pink Olive moment was the first time she actually chose one of them herself:) We love them all so much we even did a professional photo shoot of her with some of her collection and sent the pics to the charity to let them know how much we appreciate their volunteer's handiwork. Jenny Powers 3/15/11

Yes. When I was pregnant I bought a crochet frog because he seemed so whimsy and I just HAD to have him. I was convinced I was having a boy so I bought the frog - it turned out to be a girl! so now I must go back for the princess. 3/15/11

I love everything about pink olive, and grace is the one who inspired me to pursue my dream of owning my own studio/shop! 3/16/11

I came upon your store by chance, and was so glad I did. Such a range of products and such welcoming service! 3/16/11

Found you guys thru yelp. Went to the Brooklyn location. Great store. 3/16/11

Every Pink Olive moment is special! ;) 3/16/11

I bought my daughter's first pair of legwarmers in your store! I'd been looking for a pair everywhere and when I saw them hanging in your window it was love at first sight! 3/16/11

Your selection is wonderful! I just moved in right around the corner and was excited to see you carry all my favorite brands! 3/16/11

Grace making my cranky little one smile. 3/16/11

grace. grace and her suggestions and passion. 3/16/11

I love your site!! It inspires me often. 3/16/11

Loved the i <3 Stationary party! It was great getting a chance to have fun while checking out all the fab stuff! 3/16/11

I love everyone who works in Pink Olive because they are so sweet and helpful. The products are always beautifully displayed and the cards are my favorite! 3/16/11

I love the fact that Eli remembered my name from one visit to the store. She also has recommended great gifts and points out new products and designers. It's that kind of service that really makes boutiques so valuable to the neighborhood! Thank you. 3/16/11

i love going in. your store is so fun! 3/16/11

My first order - loved the carefully wrapped gifts and presentation of the items shipped. 3/16/11

I stumbled upon the shop when I was shopping in the East Village and I was astounded by the selection of beautiful, unique gifts. I was especially impressed by the letterpress cards. I bought one for my husband for Valentine's Day that had a picture of a bike and said "I wheelie like you." He was smitten by the card, and it will be hard for me to top next year! I live in Utah now, but I will continue to shop at Pink Olive via your online store. 3/16/11

I have only been in your store once but I absolutely loved it. The products were unique and the staff was lovely. I bought 3 gifts I think. I loved how it was small with just the right amount of cute stuff in it. I live in Los Angeles but was in NYC for work. So if I buy in the future it would be a shipping order. The idea of a small free gift that matches the theme of the gift one is giving or free shipping would be a big incentive I think to buy from a far. thanks for being awesome! Kim 3/16/11

The pink olive onesie..was so appropriate for the daiquiri loving parent. 3/16/11

While buying two prints at Pink Olive, the artist happened to be there and was able to say I thought her work was gorgeous, I was so happy to hang it in my daughter's room! 3/16/11

LOVE your selection. I have a lot of friends having babies, and you guys have the best gifts! Also love the stationary for myself! 3/16/11

You and your business inspires me as a business woman! 3/16/11

I love stopping by and picking up some of your new greeting cards. It is a happy little moment (the best kind!) whenever I do so. 3/16/11

Love the store! Every gift or card I've given people from Pink Olive, they love. Always truly unique and special! 3/16/11

Love the store! Beautiful stuff! 3/16/11

I have a very special Pink Olive moment. I visited Pink Olive in search of something very specific for my nephew-to-be and instead of purchasing that gift, I instead was sold on purchasing a beautiful little blanket that donates a blanket to a child in need. I was also provided the opportunity to have it monogramed and sent directly to my sister down south. The process was super easy and I left knowing that my sister would be receiving a beautiful gift for my nephew-to-be and I didn't have to do any extra work! Thanks so much, Pink Olive! 3/17/11

Friends ALWAYS love the gifts I pick up from Pink Olive. I shop at the Park Slope store. 3/17/11

First time I saw the East Village shop, it was at night and it was so CUTE and inviting. It made me smile inside and out. :) 3/17/11

Yes! I came to your store for a presentation by yourself and a lady that wrote a book about getting married. It was a very nice evening. I left with a couple of nice items...one that I still have on shelf...a nut and squirrel candy jar...i just love it...it goes perfectly with my bedroom decor...maybe I'll share some of the candy...lol! Thanks. 3/17/11

As a jewelry maker I am very discerning about the jewelry I buy, and finding some very unique, fun and quirky pieces in your collection got me to pry open my usually sealed wallet when it comes to jewelry! :-) 3/17/11

I ordered a rag doll for my daughter for her first Christmas, i know there was some mix up at first, but i wanted to thank you all you did to correct it. We love the doll and Dixie sleeps with it every night. i wanted you to see how important it was for us to get the doll with the heart on it. I plan on getting her a rag doll every Christmas, so I will definatly be shopping with you again. Thank you, Jennifer Chambers

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely ADORE the little onesie I got in the mail today. I bought the "perf" onesie with the olive in the tutu. The packaging was too cute and I just know that my little girl (due July 8th) will look great in it! Her name is Olive so I just know it'll be perfect. In fact, I may have to buy them all...:)

Thanks y'all, and I'd love to know if you have anything else with an olive on it!!


columbus, ga

Hello! My sister recently gave me an adorable bunny jumper I had been eyeing at your store on my last visit to her home in Brooklyn. (I think you had to special order this item as it was out of stock at the time she went back to Pink Olive to purchase it.) The footed jumper itself is white with light pink polka-dots, a bunny tail on the tush, and a special pocket on the chest with a little plush bunny toy nesting inside. I would LOVE to purchase another one of these for a friend...if it is at all possible to special order this jumper and have it shipped to my home in Vermont I would greatly appreciate it Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Dana Roth


Hi Grace,

I was in your store last night and bought a journal as a gift. I Just wanted to let you know it was a big hit and to tell you again I think your store is terrific - very unique, a quality that New York needs more of. I'll be back soon for the chocolate olives (I regretted not buying them about 2 blocks after I left the store). Do you do any of the design work for the children's clothing? I have an idea for children's tee shirts or sweat shirts, I'm not sure if its out there anywhere (or if its doable)(is that a real word?) and thought you might know. Thanks and good luck,

Ed Duffy / New York

Dear Grace,

Thank you so much for my surprise. I had a really bad day and I came home to your lovely tote bag. I truly expected bills in my mail. I never have things like that happen to me. Once again thank you for helping me with this party and the favors. Kimberly Coseriu

Independence, Ohio

Hi Grace,

I went to the shower on sunday & I have to say my gift was the best! My friend loved the designer Onesies & the Puppy bath towel & the bag it came in! Her family were also impressed! Thanks for helping me find the perfect gift! Until next time,

lori O / Brooklyn, new york

OMG, Grace I didn't think you were gonna respond yourself wow Yeah that's fine we can wait and have them both shipped at the same time. Thank you for replying so fast. Just wanted to say your website is super cute and yall really do have unique items. I have a 11 week old baby girl and I just want to get her everything lol. Keep up the good work and best wishes to sweet Katie! Thanks, Diana / Texas

thanks for your help with everything... i really love your stuff! cristin :)

denver, co

Pink Olive is amazing! Their unique, well-priced gifts were the perfect solution for a long-distance birthday. The adorably wrapped package arrived as scheduled - a wonderful surprise for my best friend in California. I’ve told all my girlfriends about Pink Olive - I will definitely shop there again! Nicole F.

San Francisco, CA

I absolutely love your little olive onesies. I was wondering if you make pictures or greeting cards with the “olive in a tutu” on them. I love your website! Thank you!! Alissa B.

Riverton, UT 84065

Great! I just love your site, I showed it to tonz of people this weekend!

This is absolutely the best store i have EVER shopped in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An amazing experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PINKOLIVE is the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! My wife loved the gift!!!!!!!!!!! It made her year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frank R.

New York, NY

Excellent! Great flip flops!! Thanks!! Amanda J.

Concord, NC

Very impressed with your website... So easy to shop around..... Congrats Gracie!!!! XOXO, Joomi L.

New York, NY

hi grace!! congratulations! - the site is adorable - i am definitely going to order a cute little package for one of my employees who just had a baby girl!! mazel tov....xoxoxo Suzanne Suzanne L.

Los Angeles, CA

i love your website!!! good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks very much grace!!!! Xoxoxo

Diane P.

New York, NY

Thank you! I enjoyed your site, thought you had some really fun stuff! Plan on shopping again soon! Melissa W.

Thank you so much for all of your dedication to getting my package to me. I just received it and I am thrilled. I am so grateful to you for all of your efforts to get this done. As you know, the original mistake was mine in transposing the addresses and I know you did everything you could to try and fix the problem. And then, you went a little further. So, thank you again. I can't wait to visit your store in person. When I said you'd have a customer for life, I wasn't kidding! Best regards


New York, NY