Hi there! We are super excited to launch our new "gift on the go" program. We understand that you are very busy and have a lot on your plate with things to get done. Whether you are on your way to a baby shower or birthday party or just want to surprise your client with an unexpected surprise, let Olive come to your rescue. Simply call 1.855.GO.OLIVE to get your "gift on the go" or email our team at [email protected]

Here is how it works:

1) Simply fill out this short questionnaire. Tell us about the occasion and about the lucky person receiving the special gift.

2) Like a secret best friend, our gift specialist will personally put together a thoughtful present from Pink Olive's special curated products for the recipient and email them to you.

3) If you approve, we will contact you for your credit card information and the gift will be ready to go at the store location of choice or shipped directly to the recipient.

NOTE: There is no fee for this service but there is a minimum gift budget of $100 or more.

1. Your Name:

2. Your Email:
3. What is your budget?
4. What is the occasion?
5. How would you describe the recipient?
6. Tell us a little about Y-O-U?
7. Do they have any special interests or hobbies? (i.e. foodie, sports..etc)
8. Which store would you like to pick up? Or would you like it shipped?
9. Gift Recipient’s Name:
10. Gift Recipient's Address:

If you have any special products in mind, please create a wish list and email it to us at [email protected]

Not sure what you're looking for? Here are some sweet gift assortments we've put together for our concierge clients in the past:

Check out some more testimonials about what people are saying about Pink Olive's personalized service! We look forward to being a part of your celebrations!

Happy Shopping! xoxo