Community Spotlight


Creative Sitters, Renee Pena’s brainchild, goes above and beyond their babysitting duties to provide safe, warm, creative environments for children in their care. By donating 5% of profits, along with time and services, to various children’s charities at the end of each year they extend this philosophy to kids around the world. Whether parents are looking for a well-deserved night off here and there, or regular care for their children, Creative Sitters has the right sitter for each unique family. Their sitters come fully referenced, researched and recommended. Renee’s art education background has led to an emphasis on the arts and creativity throughout all of their services. Each sitter provides their own unique arts, crafts, dance and dramatic activities to keep your child engaged and active. Creative Sitters is more than a service, it’s a family. And who is better equipped to watch a child than a family member?


1. When and why did you start Creative Sitters?
Creative Sitters, LLC. was started in 2010 at the request of a mom that I could not babysit for and asked the simple but life changing question, "Are there more people like you that are engaging and passionate about children?" A light bulb went off for me and from there Creative Sitters was born.

2. What are Creative Sitters' core values?
Our core values are to provide a safe, happy, and fun environment while child/ren are in our care.

3. What makes Creative Sitters different from other sitting services?
We are different with our approach with children by providing children and parent's a different point of view of their everyday lens through the theory of multi-intelligence by Howard Garner. Our goal is to weave in creativity in a child's daily routine. We believe that everyone has different strengths in how they approach the world such as nature and kinetically. Our challenge is to stretch children to be critical thinkers through problem solvers by weaving in activities that are fun and challenging for them in their everyday routine.

4. What do you feel is the most important thing a sitter can provide?
The most important thing our sitters can provide is warm, loving, and secure environment while their parent away.

5. Do you have a favorite story from a sitter or from an experience of your own pertaining to sitting?
My personal favorite story I got from a sitter was a few months ago. We start to prep families of their sitting through the bio and profile. And if it is a new family with a sitter, the sitter calls to check in with the family. On our end, we prep a sitter on the needs of a family. This particular family warned that the first sitting would be hard for them and the child due to never separating issues. This request was an all day sitting. The parent's were so thrilled to return home to a happy healthy child who had endless stories about what her and her sitter did for the day, her favorite highlight was puppet making. They both said they never saw her daughter so happy while being in anyone else care including family members and that Creative Sitters service they ever found and could not wait to use us again.

6. Do you have a favorite local haunt?
Our favorite local haunt in Park Slope other than Pink Olive is Hootenanny Art House, its a fun creative space and we love it!

7. Is there anything on the horizon for you? (i.e. anything new in the works?)
We have quite a few things in the works. At the end of March we began offering travel babysitting. On April 22nd we will be having our first Speed Sitting of the year. On May 2nd, we will be at our first mom's expo at Mommybites Summit in Manhattan. And on May 5th, we will at our first mom's expo in Queens at the Mamas Expo.