Affiliate Program



Pink Olive is becoming one of the web's most inspiring gift boutiques, and we want you be a part of it! Pink Olive was born out of love. The love to find a beautiful gift that makes you smile. We aspire to be a place for your imagination to sparkle and creative spirit to soar. Like the sprinkles on the icing of a cupcake, Pink Olive makes everything a bit sweeter, the adorable turned magically irresistible. We truly want to be your best loved gift store and we couldn't have succeeded without the help of websites and bloggers. So we're inviting you to share in our success and become a Pink Olive affiliate.

Here is how it works:

Advertise Pink Olive on your website with a link, banner, or ad - whatever works best for you. When your readers click on the Pink Olive link, it will take them to our website where they can shop our huge selection of baby gifts, stationery, home decor and books. Websites will earn a 5% commission with every Pink Olive purchase a reader makes. If you are an approved blogger, you will earn 10% (it will appear initially as 5% on your submission form, but the additional 5% will be awarded after approval)! It's completely FREE, simple, and you can start earning referral fees in minutes!

How to sign up now FOR FREE:

  1.  Sign up by clicking here. If your site is approved, you'll become a member of Affiliate Future and start earning commission fees immediately.
  2. Promote Pink Olive by posting ads, banners, or links on your website or blog. You'll choose which of our products you want to advertise. When your readers click on these ads, they will be directed to Pink Olive's website where they can shop. Every time they make a purchase, you earn money!