Weekly Pinterest Picks

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We are officially in the heart of summertime! Although, it may be hot and humid, it’s the perfect time for making memories through all of your favorite summer activities. Our picks this week are inspired by our “must do’s”, whether it be long bike rides, lazy beach days, fresh-squeezed lemonade on a hot day, homemade popsicles, or saturday afternoon picnics – everything that makes summer so special.

What’s on your summertime “to do” list?

Happy Summer Solstice + FREE Shipping!

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Weekly Pinterest Picks

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This week, we’re inspired by one of our favorite types of summer day: beach days! Our favorite summer memories definitely include scrunching sand between our toes and smelling the fresh salty air on a hot, sunny day. All you need are your favorite picnic foods, sunscreen, and shades for the ideal day at the beach. Pack up the car, we’ll meet you there! Happy June :)

1. weheartit.com (via Jordan) | 2. sweetandlovelythings.tumblr.com (via Alison) | 3. Beach Buggie (via Tonya) | 4. Beach Fashion (via Elizabeth) | 5. Beach House (via Tonya) | 6. pughs-news.blogspot.com (via Monica)