Weekly Pinterest Picks

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This week we’ve been pondering what we’ll make for Mom for breakfast on Sunday. Here are some delightful ideas to satisfy both her stomach and her soul, bon appetit moms! :)

1. Oatmeal Yogurt Pancakes by Edibleliving.blogspot.com (via Sarah Copeland) ¦ 2. Egg cups by Inncuisine.com (via Alisa Palmer) ¦ 3. Berry danish minis by Inspiredbycharm.com (via Cynthia Taylor) ¦

4. Cappuccino (via Claretta_Canwell) ¦ 5.  Zucchini Bread by Foodnetwork.com (via Greg W) ¦ 6. Fruit pops by Stockpilingmoms.com (via Cynthia Taylor) ¦