Pink Olive in Color: Orange

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Happy fall from Pink Olive!

Introducing Pink Olive in Color – our new monthly photo project. This month we are inspired by warm colors of fall, cozy sweaters and long walks in a park.

Let’s continue the celebration! Come join us for our Customer Appreciation day on Thursday, 26th of September in East Village.

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Weekly Pinterest Picks

Source: thebusybudgetingmama.com via Shelley on Pinterest

Source: ilove-pins.com via Agnella on Pinterest

Source: marthastewart.com via Aimee on Pinterest

Source: thewritestart.typepad.com via Leslie on Pinterest

Remember how much fun it was to make a gift for your Mother for Mother’s Day all those years ago? No? Well it’s time to get back to your roots! Supplement your already fabulous gift (you did already get her something special from our guide, right?? :) ) with something DIY! It can be something you make together, or a homemade present you’ve put together in advance. Either way it’s time to break out the glue stick and get crafty!

1) DIY Projects by Busybudgetingmama.com (via Shelley Meyer-Williams) ¦ 2) Mason Jar Planter by U-createcrafts.com (via Agne Gonzalez) ¦

3) Uploaded by user via Graham  ¦ 4) Salt Scrubs by Martha Stewart (via Aimee Rowley) ¦ 5) Sunflower Seed Cards by The Write Start (via Leslie Sorg) ¦


Cool Mom Picks ~ 2012 Baby Shower Guide!

We were thrilled this week to see our favorite legwarmers featured on Cool Mom Picks’ annual baby shower gift guide! Babylegs are a staple Pink Olive newborn gift :) If you need some gifting inspiration, be sure to check their guide here! 


Happy Shopping!


friday eye candy gift

who doesn't love bath time?!

organic massage oil, perfect for moms and babies!

you can never have enough bibs :)

muslin wraps...useful for everything!

We just picked up a copy of Village Voice’s Best of NYC 2011 Guide to see what new places we had to check out…and to our surprise, there we were! Woot, thanks for voting us  “Best Shop for Baby Gifts!” We love being your go-to place. Not only for fun baby pieces, but great essentials too! From adorable little mitts to make bath time fun, to every mom’s must-have: muslin wraps. If you’re heading to a shower this weekend and need ideas…stop by and say hi!