Weekly Pinterest Picks

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To keep the Christmas in July spirit alive (stay tuned for a recap of our event last night!), our picks this week are inspired by our favorite gift wrapping ideas. From kraft paper to neon dot stickers to clothespins to confetti, these designs will have you yearning for the next birthday, wedding and holiday season. We definitely are! What’s your favorite way to wrap?


Weekly Pinterest Picks

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Remember how much fun it was to make a gift for your Mother for Mother’s Day all those years ago? No? Well it’s time to get back to your roots! Supplement your already fabulous gift (you did already get her something special from our guide, right?? :) ) with something DIY! It can be something you make together, or a homemade present you’ve put together in advance. Either way it’s time to break out the glue stick and get crafty!

1) DIY Projects by Busybudgetingmama.com (via Shelley Meyer-Williams) ¦ 2) Mason Jar Planter by U-createcrafts.com (via Agne Gonzalez) ¦

3) Uploaded by user via Graham  ¦ 4) Salt Scrubs by Martha Stewart (via Aimee Rowley) ¦ 5) Sunflower Seed Cards by The Write Start (via Leslie Sorg) ¦

It’s all about the little DIY details… See you on Saturday! :)

Hey there,

So much goes into making your big day one of a kind. From the engagement, to the shower, to the big day itself there are so many little details to keep track of. Celebrate these details by picking one of our sweet picks as gifts for favors, for the wedded couple or as a reward for yourself after the season is over ;).

Rather than paying someone else to check things off your list, do it with ease with one of our DIY picks for decorative touches, favors or other small additions.

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p.s. A BIG, warm welcome to all of the new customers who joined the Pink Olive family!  Our team is working like busy bees to find the most beautiful gifts that make you love.gift.smile.  Whether you’re a newly~auntie, newly~wed, newly~mom to newly~preneur, we have you covered.  We are committed to creating a place to inspire giving and beautiful living.