And the winner is…

The winner of our first ever “Pin it to Win it” contest is… Shannon! Congrats! We will be in touch with you soon to receive your very own exclusive Pink Olive Gifting Kit! Thanks to everyone who participated! If you missed this contest, make sure to look out for more coming soon :)

In the meantime, check out more of Shannon’s winning board here:

Clothespin Contest Winners!

Yipee, HOORAY, we have some winners! Thanks to everyone who participated in our clothespin contest this past week :)  The final count Molly from Glitter + Rye used at each store was:

East Village: 304/Park Slope: 351

And the lucky winners of a Pink Olive goodie bag are: Kimae Heussner & Linnea Hasegaws



Weekly Pinterest Picks

Source: via Rachael on Pinterest

Source: via Shaina on Pinterest

Source: via Ang on Pinterest

Source: via Mary Claire on Pinterest

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Clothespins, clothespins everywhere! We love to see them decorated and used for all sorts of things (even as a lamp!) We’ve even got them prettying up our lovely window : )

Have you entered our contest this week?

Take a guess how many clothespins we used in our window display, and you might win a goodie bag!

So we ask you, what kinds of things are you going to do with clothespins now? :)

1. Weekly Tasks Organizers by (via Rachael Wheeler) ¦ 2. Glitter Pins by (via Shaina Dotson) ¦ 3. Clothes Pins Planter by (via Ang Lh) ¦ 4. Flower Pins by Creature Comforts (via Mary White) ¦ 5. Bag Holders by (via Angela Godfrey) ¦