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Weekly Pinterest Picks

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It is hard to believe that summer will soon be coming to a close, and the new school year will be beginning. Time sure does fly! Our Pinterest Picks this week are inspired by those first day of school memories: the fresh pencils and crayons, new books waiting to be studied and the treats that make the school day even sweeter. Stay tuned next couple weeks for fun back to school goodies at the shop.

What’s your favorite back to school memory?


fall trend: tie tees!

check out Shiloh wearing a Fat Tie tee!


bifford fat-tie tee

Egg Baby skinny zip jeans

Check out Angelina Jolie’s gal wearing a Fat-tie tee! We’ve seen menswear for women all over the magazines, why not for kids too? Paired with some skinny jeans (these ones have girly bow pockets in the back), it’s a cute back-to-school outfit!

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Our favorite old-school picks!

Hey there!

Back to school is a bittersweet time for many of us. It’s an ending and a beginning: the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new year at school! As sad as we all are to bid farewell to the warmer months, there is nothing as exciting as a blank slate. It’s a new opportunity to hold up those vows you make at this time every year; the promise to study harder, pay better attention, and learn something new. This year, our motto is – just do it! The rewards will be worth the extra effort. Equip yourself for this task with supplies you’ll really want to use. From kitty crayons and pencil cases to adorable new outfits and encouraging cards!

If you’re no longer in school, take this time to apply the same ideas to your various endeavors! You’re never too old for a little back-to-school shopping!

Happy back-to-school!
Grace Kang
Founder & Chief Buyer, PinkOlive.com

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ipad sleeve

Old-school smarts! Wonderthreads’ notepad ipad sleeve is our favorite pick for the “back to school” season. This week only, snatch one for $30!

If you work from home, create a workplace that will inspire you to focus on your craft. Working in a nice atmosphere will always bring out the best in you.

Here are five tips from Decorate by Holly Becker that will get your juices flowing:

1. Choose a desk that is large enough for all your paperwork, incorporates some storage, and has ample space for a computer and a printer if needed.

2. Lighting is important, so pick a desk lamp that lights both your work surface and your computer screen effectively.

3. If you are working in a dual-purpose space, make sure your work desk or workstation blends in with the rest of the decor rather than standing out as a specific work space.

4. Store superfluous equipment and materials behind closed doors or drawers so that you aren’t distracted by clutter when you are trying to concentrate.

5. Arrange your electrical wiring and sockets so that you have easy access to the telephone, computer, lighting, and music.

If you want more tips from Holly, get your copy here!