How do you write a love letter? Plus, sneak holiday preview!

Hey there!

What’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever written to you? Not said to you, actually sat down and wrote to you. Follow our secret formula and you will get major kudos for writing such a thoughtful love letter!

Leave the computer and phone alone and take
Out a piece of stationery and a pen.
Velvety words of affection and fun on
Each page take on new meaning when written in a

Letter, not an
E-mail or
Tell someone you love them, or
Even just say hi and how are you.
Remember the days of notes passed in class and pen pals?
Share these sweet memories with us and write some notes of your own!

We want to hear about it! Post your love letter in the comments section below with your email address and win your very own packet of Fawnsberg stationery :). We will announce the winner on November 10th!

** NOTE: You can post a love letter that you received from a loved one OR one that you wrote to someone special using our formula**
Happy “love letter” writing!
Grace Kang
Founder & Chief Buyer,


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  1. says

    I absolutely LOVE this formula! I shared it with all my friends and even printed out some copies to keep at my desk and in my writing kit. I actually wrote two love letters. One, love- LOVE- letter, to my dearest boyfriend, just to tell him how much I appreciate him & the other was a note to my Grandma to tell her hello and that I love her too! I sent them both on handmade cards, so where my words may have lacked, my thought and design made up for it.
    Thank you so much for posting this fabulous idea! We could all spread a lot of joy by writing more simple notes & letters.

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