Happy Tuesday – first tastes of October

10.6.15 happytuesday 12345

It’s the first Tuesday of October, and autumn weather has finally arrived in the Big Apple. Speaking of apples, bring on the bushels of Galas and Golden Delicious! Whether baked in pie, glazed in caramel, or simply sliced, the crisp and juicy fruit is officially at its prime. It’s pumpkin picking season, too, causing constant cravings for the sweet orange squash with a spike of cinnamon and nutmeg.

On this #happytuesday, we’re celebrating our favorite flavors of fall with a few fun products that are sprinkled with autumn’s warm spice. We hope they’ll inspire you to take a trip to your nearest orchard for a true taste of the season!



P.S. If you, too, are preferential towards the tastes of autumn, keep an eye out for our announcement of this month’s OliveBox theme. It’s chock full of pumpkin spice!