Happy Calm Tuesday!

8.25 happytuesday coffee in bedfresh bouquetsshaded quietvintage treasurespark sunsets

We tend to expect summer to be pure playful fun, but even in this season of pool parties and vacations, stress can have a sneaky way of sidling in. Team Olive has had a busy several weeks, particularly with last week’s NYNOW show and gearing up our stores for fall, and it feels crucial to find ways to cultivate calm amidst the chaos.

Relaxed happiness can come in many simple forms. Sometimes, it’s an extra hour spent in bed, sipping coffee under the covers; sometimes, it’s the joy of a worn vintage treasure; and sometimes, it’s a sunset at the park or a bouquet of fresh flowers. No matter which you choose, we hope you’ll find a bit of mid-year tranquility this week.

To help you unwind, we’re offering a special #happytuesday discount on one of our favorite soothing products: from today through Thursday, our teacup collection book is 50% off in-store, as well as online with the code happycalmtuesday.*





*Offer valid through 11:59pm on Thursday, 8/27/15.